Coincidence Talent Traders

Mindset. Dedication. Success.

Are you a determined person? Do you have a passion for trading? Are you ready to challenge yourself within a context characterized by an international, meritocratic, and innovative DNA?Then, this is the talent show for you!

Through this program, you will have the opportunity to build your own path towards a new definition of economic independence. But be careful, you have to pass daily tests, and, managing to escape the eliminations, you will be able to achieve the victory, thus obtaining the key to success in the trading world as well as a real professional opportunity.

Do you think you are the best? Prove it.

Format idea

The Founder, Antonio Bisignani, after various professional experiences abroad, returns to Italy and decides to offer meritocratic job opportunities to young people, thus creating Coincidence Talent Traders, a talent show based on a trading competition to highligh the success stories of the participants, supported by experienced coaches and established businessmen.

Antonio Bisignani

International professional trader


Coincidence Talent Traders is a serial program, broadcasted on a dedicated platform, which sees as competitors a group of participants with a common purpose: to emerge, to build their path, and acquire economic independence, with the ultimate goal of achieving successful job opportunities.

The soul of the format reproduces a modus operandi that brings talent closer to capital, passing through the narration of personal stories and, finally, leading to notoriety.

How is the project organized?

In the first phase, all the participants will compete on the platform, in a tight and highly participated competition. Coaches with international experience will select among those who will obtain the best results and will determine the 50 participants suitable for the program.

They will be the protagonists of the talent show and, in the second phase, they will have the opportunity to tell their own stories, allowing the public to observe them in their usual environment, entering their homes, their cities, following their personal growth.

In the third phase, the 10 best performing competitors, who, by their merits, will have already obtained an initial professional contract with the partner companies, will enter the Coincidence Head Quarter, an exclusive location, where they will spend a month challenging each other again. In this last phase, the ranking of traders will be updated according to the performances of each. The ultimate goal is to decree only one winner, the best one!

During the last phase, each trader will have a very high-value training course available, where the theory is aimed at acquiring precise operating techniques. Mindset care, through advanced mental coaching strategies, workshops on alternative finance, and networking completes the full educational immersion.

Everyone will be able to follow the participants through about ten episodes weekly, in which the salient moments and the dynamics of the villa will be retraced.

In the last episode, the winner will be elected, who will get the most important employment contract as a professional trader with the partner companies. Finally, an extra episode will be focused on the change in the lives of the participants, summarizing the personal evolution after the program.

Sign up for the talent

Book your participation in Coincidence Talent Traders in advance, you will have access to a privileged participation fee, with an exclusive price that includes:

access to the selections of Coincidence Talent Traders

pre-order of the training course worth € 1,750

3 months of use of the Coincidence Trading Platform in Demo Unlimited version to start training and win the talent that will give life to your future.

coincidence Trading Platform Talent version during the competition worth 500€

continuous support from the First Coincidence staff to better prepare you for the competition that can change your life.

The 10 finalists will all be hired with a contract as professional traders in our companies, they will have the opportunity to manage important capital, start a career and enter the world of large investors and VIPs.

How much do you think the privileged access to a competition never seen before, which can offer you a real professional and life opportunity, is worth?

If you access this opportunity today, you will have incredible value at a very privileged price. To reward your desire to get involved and take up the challenge you will have a small price of 555€!


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