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Lugano Trading Academy is a reference point in education and career as a financial trader.

About Lugano Trading Academy

Lugano Trading Academy was born in 2020 as an innovative reference point in training and career as a financial trader.

The Trading Masters offered are of varying duration to adapt to the needs of each and aspiring traders will attend training courses of the highest value available, where the theory is aimed at acquiring precise operating techniques. The systematic care of the mindset, through advanced mental coaching strategies, workshops on alternative finance, and networking complete the offer.

Master Online

The online master is held by Dr. Antonio Bisignani and it consists of 9 modules, downloadable entirely online, each with dedicated objectives.


You will have a complete vision of our project and how you can participate in it and realize your career as a trader. You will understand what opportunities you will be able to seize and how your skills will be valued and rewarded.


You will know what it means to trade like a professional and you will approach trading with the mind of an entrepreneur who makes decisions with a profit logic based on the risk/return analysis.


You will learn that the trader is like an elite sportsman, a professional with a daily routine based on psycho/physical and emotional well-being goals.


You will understand the value of a correct representation of the market, using charts and tools based on the right assumptions and not on conventions that create false expectations and are the result of manipulation.


You will have a complete overview of the various asset classes: stocks, futures, options, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies, their characteristics, and which strategies to adopt based on the characteristics of volatility.


You will understand what money management is, you will use size management techniques to optimize your performance.


You will know how to optimize your mindset to manage stress, you will recognize the emotional and physiological signals, and how to develop strategies for managing your human capital, necessary to preserve your financial capital.


You will learn how to use our Coincidence Trading Platform, with all its advanced and professional features that will allow you to implement pro strategies.


You will know the value of risk management and how the discipline will allow and help you to preserve and increase your capital.

Live masterclass

In addition to advanced investment strategies, you will learn mindset techniques and skills to develop a successful network.

Course program

The master has a duration of 12 weeks and consists of 10 modules, each with dedicated objectives, held by teachers selected to allow you to learn from professionals with international experience, and characterized by the same innovative drive that animates our societies. The master consists of theory and practice, in the latter you will be able to apply the concepts, strategies, and techniques learned, operating on the proprietary Coincidence Trading Platform. In addition to advanced investment strategies, you will learn mindset techniques and skills to develop a successful network. The training course ends with an employment contract as a professional trader.

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Whether you are about to complete your degree program, or you already have experience with professional trading, contact our team for more information. You will find out if you have the right preparation and determination to start an innovative training course and continue with an employment contract.

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Our teachers are all professionals with international experience and are characterized by the same innovative drive that animates our societies.

Antonio Bisignani

International professional trader

Felice Massa

Business Lawyer

Claudia Vece

Neuro Emotional Trainer & Mental Coach